300K Have Your Say – Public Vote 22nd to 26th May 2017

South Dublin County Council would like to thank everyone in the Adamstown, Lucan and Palmerstown areas who submitted an idea for the €300K- Have Your Say Initiative.

The Participatory Steering Group considered all of the submissions before putting forward a recommended shortlist of 17 ideas for the public vote.

The Steering Committee have responded to all idea submitters who have provided contact details detailing the reason why an idea was not included on the shortlist.

The reasons why a particular submission does not appear on the shortlist for voting are as follows:

  • The project is already planned and finance made available e.g. Adamstown Community Hall, Lucan Pool etc.
  • The project proposal falls within the responsibility of another Government Department e.g. The National Transport Authority.
  • The project cost exceeds €300,000 e.g. the development of a new library in Lucan.
  • The project/proposal comes within the funding available under current schemes e.g. Community Grants, Summer Projects etc.
  • The proposal can be dealt with from within existing Repair and Maintenance Programmes e.g. Minor Improvement Works.
  • Proposals involve land in private ownership e.g. Sports Clubs.

Shortlisted Ideas for the Public Vote:

Voters will be asked to choose their favourite ideas up to the value of €300,000 from the list below:

Tree Sculpture, Waterstown Park, Palmerstown

A sculpture will be commissioned to highlight the beauty of Waterstown Park. This particular piece of art will be carved out of a tree which will accentuate the natural splendour of the area. It will serve as a major focal point to attract visitors to the park, while blending in with its natural surroundings.
Cost: 25k

Playground in Waterstown Park, Palmerstown

Waterstown Park in Palmerstown will receive a new playground. The community will benefit from an extra recreational space which will encourage families to make more use of the park facilities. Children can take advantage of the playground in order to spend more time engaging in active recreation.
Cost: 120k

Feasibility Study and Seed Capital towards a New Youth Space for Lucan Electoral Area

A study will be carried out to identify the nature and location of a youth space within the Lucan electoral area. This will ensure that young people in the electoral district will have appropriate facilities to socialise. The provisional budget of €100k has been provided until such time as the final cost is known.
Cost: 100k

Grow your Own Allotments, Lucan

Lucan will be provided with allotments which will be available to rent. These allotments are a source of affordable food production where you can grow your own fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. They also provide the community with a social outlet in which people can work and learn together.
Cost: 60k

Men’s Shed at Esker Cemetery, Lucan

The existing house in Esker cemetery will be transformed into a community space for the wider Lucan Electoral area. It will act as a Men’s Shed in its primary function. The Men’s Shed will be a functional space where men in the area can socialise and practice craft skills.
Cost: 70k

Feasibility Study for New Pedestrian Bridge across the Liffey at Lucan Demesne

The overall objective of this study would be to evaluate the possibility of the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey in the Lucan Demesne Area to provide further accessibility for the area.
Cost: 30k (Feasibility Study)

Access to Church and Graveyard at Mill Lane, Palmerstown

Improved access to the church and graveyard at Mill Lane will be provided. This will encourage visitors, new and old, to this frequently visited historical site in the heart of Palmerstown.
Cost: 10k

Feasibility Study for the Restoration of Silver Bridge, Palmerstown

This study in conjunction with Fingal County Council will examine the restoration of the Victorian Silver Bridge from Waterstown Park the bridge stretches across the River Liffey to Farmleigh Estate in Castleknock.
Cost: 15k (Feasibility Study)

Street Sculpture in Lucan Village Centre

A sculpture will be erected in one of the open spaces available in Lucan Village Centre. It will commemorate a subject with strong ties to the Lucan area. This will cement the village as a heritage area and promote a collective community image.
Cost: 25k

Heritage Trail in Lucan Village

Signage signifying the history and importance of certain buildings in Lucan will be erected. These will help signpost Lucan’s rich history for visitors and locals alike. Information boards with maps detailing walking/cycling routes can also be made available.
Cost: 60k

Volunteer Public Park Guides- Lucan Electoral Area

Funding to provide training for Volunteer park guides will be made available for public parks in the Lucan Electoral Area. Training will cover many topics including wildlife, biodiversity and local history. It will make great use of the park facilities in the electoral area and provide more accessibility for those who may not frequent their local amenities.
Cost: 5k

Restoration of King John’s Bridge Griffeen Park- Lucan

King John’s Bridge in Griffeen Park is one of the oldest stone bridges in Ireland. The restoration will make the bridge a more prominent historical landmark and will add to the scenery of Griffeen Park.
Cost: 20k

Christmas Lights in Lucan Village

Christmas lights will be provided for Lucan Village where the local community can avail of an end of year Christmas Lights Ceremony. It will create a festive atmosphere for residents and businesses in Lucan in the run up to Christmas.
Cost: 17k

Free Library Book Banks in Public Places-Lucan Electoral Area

Free book banks will be set up in public places. These will allow the community to share books that they have finished by placing them at these banks. They can also pick up a book left by another community member to enjoy. It will bring people together over their love of reading and possibly even create new readers!
Cost: 3k

Consultation Process for the construction of new Central Plaza/Focal Point in South Lucan

Lucan area residents feel that the area lacks a central focal area or meeting point. A Consultation Process will be undertaken in the area to identify potential locations and design for a new focal central public/civic space in the South Lucan Area.
Cost: 2k (Public Consultation)

Multi-Games Wall in Lucan

A Multi-games wall allows a variety of different sporting activities at one location regardless of your level of ability in that sport. It will provide a flexible venue where people of all abilities, will participate in sport while having fun and learning new skills.
Cost: 100k

Planting Native Apple Trees, Lucan Electoral Area

Native apple trees will be planted throughout the electoral area. These trees will have a striking visual aspect, especially in autumn. These particular apple trees will also promote preservation of Ireland’s native landscape.
Cost: 5k

What’s next and how do I vote?

The voting process for the shortlisted projects will take place from the 22nd -26th May 2017. Local residents will shortly be able to vote online or in person at the voting locations listed below within the Lucan Electoral Area from 6.30pm to 8.30 pm on Thursday 25th May.

  • Adamstown – St. John the Evangelist NS, Adamstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin
  • Lucan – Lucan Leisure Centre, Griffeen Valley Park, Lucan, Co. Dublin
  • Palmerstown – Palmerstown Youth and Community Centre, Palmerstown Shopping Centre, Kennelsfort Road Upper, Dublin 20

There is no age restriction for voting and you don’t have to be on the Register of Electors to cast your vote!

The results of the vote will be announced at an event in the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley on Thursday 1st June at 7.00pm

The 300K- Have Your Say Initiative is supported by your local Elected Representatives, listed below, who strongly encourage you to participate and exercise your vote.

Councillor Vicki Casserly
Councillor Paul Gogarty
Councillor Ruth Nolan
Councillor Guss O’Connell
Councillor William Lavelle
Councillor Danny O’Brien
Councillor Ed O’Brien
Councillor Liona O’Toole

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